Authentic Local Design

As a wholly owned and run Australian furniture designer, producer and retailer, we embrace Australia’s vibrant and dynamic way of life through our designs. Working with some of Australia’s most talented designers Dessein has created a dynamic fusion of fresh, youthful furniture pieces and accessories that are sophisticated in aesthetic and enduring in quality.

Engaging with both emerging and established Australian designers, Dessein offers local designers a vital platform for producing work that speaks to modern Australian style and contemporary environments both residential and commercial.

Our vision is to fill a gap in the market for Australian designed furniture that is both authentic in its design and sustainable in its material use and production. Our products fulfil a growing demand among design savvy specifiers and retail customers looking for furniture that is accessible in price point and ethical in its design and make.

Quality Manufacture

Being true to our Australian identity, Dessein ensures each piece we design and produce reflects Australia’s unique culture, lifestyle and landscape. Our collaborative approach to designing and quality manufacture sees a cross pollination of ideas and approaches which serves to enhance design development through dynamic and creative ways of thinking and problem solving.

Through working closely with our manufacturers we’ve been able to achieve our goal of offering affordability and customisability that does not compromise on quality of design. The methodologies in our manufacturing techniques mean we can minimise the material used in fabrication of each product, thus enhancing our products’ sustainability credentials and maintaining accessible pricing. 

We have also adopted a fair and reasonable approach to pricing which allows our customers to acquire beautiful, contemporary designs and choose an alternative to replica or fast furniture.

Sustainable in spirit & practice

With a dedication to sustainability, Dessein makes considered and conscientious choices for materials, and strives toward a ‘circular’ mode of operation and practice.

Sourcing resources which are readily available in the geographic region allows us to reward our customers with cost savings while also reducing waste and minimising environmental impacts. We also encourage and challenge our design collaborators to celebrate the use of sustainable materials and to consider the most efficient path to production as a means to quality and user friendly design outcomes.

Finally, by carefully sourcing and understanding our supply chains, Dessein aims to reform the way in which consumers purchase, use and dispose of products.

flexible solutions

Our mission is to deliver a range of furniture and objects which are distinctive in their authenticity, versatile in application, accessible in affordability and enduring in style.

Our designs address key concerns unique to our local market including versatility of application across commercial and residential settings, short lead-times, customisation and quality design and manufacture.

Underlying our mission to produce flexible furniture is our commitment to being adaptive as a company. We understand the onus is on us to be adaptive in our capabilities and services, innovative in our thinking, and to constantly critique our purpose and be ambitious in our commitment to staying relevant and exciting.

It’s thanks to our designers, manufacturers and sustainable practices that our furniture looks good in any application, can be adapted to a variety of uses within that same application, and stands the test of time in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Personable service

Matching our ethos of ‘flexible furniture for life’ is our personal approach to customer service. Because we’re an online business, we take extra care to support and assist our customers through the furniture purchasing process. We pride ourselves on being highly contactable, with our founder Michele Chow, always reachable on email or phone.

From call-outs to homes, offices and project sites, to special sample delivery around the country, we’re responsive to your needs during the purchasing process. We also have a well-established after-sales service which ensures our customers get the maximum benefit from their Dessein pieces, and become a permanent part of our Australian design community.